Have a house full of stuff and don't know where to start?

Estate Cleanout & Settlement Services

We help with emptying, sorting, cataloging and cleaning all the contents of a house, as well as the house itself. Our Guides work with family members to decide which items to keep, and which to sell or donate. We can store, or pack and ship items to the people who want them; and arrange for unwanted items to be sold at auction or donated, based on the family’s wishes.

Our co-founder, Matt Paxton, is the industry expert on extreme cleaning. Our teams are trained to handle anything from sorting through the guest room closet to tackling Grandpa’s cluttered garage. If you or someone close to you is feeling overwhelmed with the estate cleanout process, contact us to request a free consultation.

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Finding Bank Accounts and Important Documents

Wayforth will come into the house, search for documents, then organize, scan and file them. We often discover valuable documents including: savings bonds, bank accounts, tax documents, car and real estate titles, keys for safety deposit boxes and more.

We can provide an Asset Summary Report for estate executors or probate. This details every account or bill that we find, with specific details and contact information, as well as a scanned image of the last statement.

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Photo Searches and Scanning

Much as with important documents, families want to preserve the memories captured in old photos. Our professionals will search for and collect all photos. We can scan and organize all photos found in the house for easier sharing and preservation.

Estate Sales

A family may need to sell a house’s contents in order to settle an estate. Selling assets can also raise funds required to do repairs or prep the house for sale. Wayforth has developed trusted partnerships around the world with antique and specialty item dealers to help assess value and sell assets. We can secure maximum value for your items. We can provide a full inventory for appraisers, executors, probate or the estate attorney.

Storage and Shipping Services

Many of our clients need to store items for a few weeks or for an extended period. We secure the best storage solution for your situation and we’ll handle all the logistics. Wayforth can also arrange shipping of any specific items to any location worldwide.

Let Us Help You Navigate an Estate Cleanout

From initial planning and financing to the final estate sale and cleaning out the house, our compassionate team of experts can help you navigate the emotional process of cleaning out an estate from start to finish.

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