There is usually a house that requires attention.

When someone dies or must transition to a new living environment, there is usually a house that remains. While it may be an attractive and valuable asset, a vacant house can also be an administrative headache and labor-intensive burden for family members or estate executors to manage. Whether the house needs to be cleaned out, cleaned up or prepped for a sale, WayForth can help. Our co-founder Matt Paxton has spent the last decade helping families manage their houses, and has personally trained a nationwide network of professional service providers ready to help you and your family. No situation is too big or too small.

Many of our clients are unable to pay for our services out of pocket. In those situations, we are often able to offer bridge financing based on the value of the house or collection of valuables. In many cases, we can perform all the work and then receive our payment when the house sells.
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Cleaning and Preparing a House for Sale

We can manage estate sales and settling an estate by cleaning up and preparing to list a house for accelerated sale. We can also provide consulting and advice related to house sales, working with real estate professionals and auctioneers. We have been able to find value in even the most modest properties. Call today to learn more.

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