Unpacking & Settling In

Making your new space feel like home while you relax and focus on the more important aspects of your new residence.

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"WayForth hung all our pictures and helped me personalize and settle right into our new home. It was great!"

- Robert, Seattle, WA

Unpacking and Settling In Can Make All the Difference

Once the movers bring all of your thingsto your new home, let us help you sort through the important details so you can truly feel at home.

You have more important things to do in your new home then unpack and move around furniture. We’ll unpack, organize and put away your items, position your furniture and even make your bed so that your new home is ready for you.

The next stage of moving and downsizing is unpacking your belongings and settling into your new environment without feeling overwhelmed. At WayForth, we have dedicated teams trained to handle your personal belongings with care and compassion.


Settling Right In To Your Comforting New Home

Decorating Walls & Hanging Photos

Customization & Post Move Assistance

We will ensure that each item is placed in your new home exactly according to your specifications to minimize the stress and hassles involved with moving or downsizing.

If you need your clothes unpacked and stored neatly in drawers, or pots and pans organized in shelves or your electronics hooked up ready for use, our team is there for you.

Working closely with you in planning your new home layout, we know just where you like to sip your morning coffee or curl up with your favorite book.

We know what items should be in your bedside table and what cooking tools you use most when preparing your evening meals. So when you open the door to your new home and begin to settle into your new space, you’ll feel as though you’ve been here all along.


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