Home Inventory

One of the first steps in your home transition is getting an inventory of all your valued possessions. Our team members will come to your home to do it for you or you can do it yourself.

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"The WayForth home inventory made it really easy to see all of our items and share them with the kids."

- Beth, Seattle, WA

Home Inventory Solutions For Your Life

We give you the support you need to make your home transition simple, easy and seamless.

If you’ve been living in the same house for many years, the task of creating an inventory of your items can seem daunting – but it doesn’t have to be.

Our patented home inventory system makes it easy to view and track all your items. It can easily easily be shared with your family and friends.

Multiple Photos

Each item you add to your home inventory can have multiple photos.

Optional Information

You can add as much information as you’d like including names, descriptions, types (eg, dining chair or queen mattress) and folders.

View on any device

Your inventory can be viewed on your PC, on your phone or tablet, printed, downloaded onto your computer.

Easy to share with family

It’s easy to send your family a link so they can view, download or print the inventory.

Tracking Labels

We put a special label on each of your items to make it easy to track. You can scan the labels with your phone which makes it easy to know what’s inside a box without having to open it.

Get Your Home Organized and Inventoried with Minimal Effort

Instead of digging through multiple boxes in your attic, basement or garage until you find what you’re looking for, a quick search on the web or your mobile WayForth app will find it.

Totally Private Home Inventory

Your information is totally private. We can’t even see it and won’t use, share or sell it to anyone.

Cloud Storage

Your information is securely stored in the Amazon cloud. You can access it anytime from any of your devices or the web. That also means you won’t lose it if you change your device or misplace your list.

Insurance List

Email yourself a complete list for your records or for insurance purposes. It includes any information you added such as names, descriptions, types, photos and folders.

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