WayForth is a relocation company that specializes in downsizing and move management services for seniors. We assist our clients through the sometimes-difficult process of transitioning from their homes into smaller spaces, like independent living communities, condos, apartments, or assisted living facilities.

We are a full solution company that performs most aspects of the move process, including: designing floor plans, sorting, packing, moving, unpacking, and resettling our clients into their new homes.

Our team is composed of individuals who are driven, empathetic, and skilled in direct but compassionate communication. We take care of our clients and each other, and we value a great attitude above all else.


Supervises crews of movers and field service technicians in the moving of personal belongings of clients. Oversight of scheduled move and clear out projects.

Essential Functions:

• Scheduling and staffing of movers and field service technicians
• Conduct estimates of projects that may require specialized techniques or equipment
• Assess training needs of staff; then arrange for or provide appropriate instruction.
• Collaborate with movers and managers to solve work-related problems.
• Conduct staff meetings to relay general information or to address specific topics such as safety.
• Estimate material, time, and staffing requirements for a given project, based on work orders, job
specifications, and experience.
• Evaluate employee performance and prepare performance appraisals.
• Perform the same work duties as those whom they supervise, and/or perform more difficult or
skilled tasks or assist in their performance.
• Plan work schedules and assign duties to maintain adequate staffing levels, to ensure that activities
are performed effectively, and to respond to fluctuating workloads.
• Prepare and maintain work records and reports that include information such as employee time and
wages, daily receipts, and inspection results.
• Provide assistance in balancing books, tracking, monitoring, and projecting a unit's budget needs,
and in developing unit policies and procedures.
• Recommend or initiate personnel actions such as promotions, transfers, and disciplinary measures.
• Resolve personnel problems, complaints, and formal grievances when possible, or refer them to
higher-level supervisors for resolution.
• Review work throughout the work process and at completion, in order to ensure that it has been
performed properly.
• Transmit and explain work orders to movers.
• Check specifications of materials loaded or unloaded against information contained in work orders.
• Counsel employees in work-related activities, personal growth, and career development.
• Inform designated employees or departments of items loaded, and problems encountered.
• Inspect equipment for wear and for conformance to specifications.
• Inspect job sites to determine the extent of maintenance or repairs needed.
• Inventory supplies, and requisition or purchase additional items as necessary.
• Participate in the hiring process by reviewing credentials, conducting interviews, and/or making
hiring decisions or recommendations.



• High School diploma or equivalent; 1 - 3 years related experience or training; or equivalent
combination of education and experience.


• A minimum of three years of responsible leadership experiences in management or
supervisory positions.


• A current driver’s license.
• Ability to work independently and as a member of a team.
• Ability to work efficiently and quickly in a fast-paced, ever-changing environment.
• Ability to create and utilize best practices and operational efficiencies to complete tasks accurately
and on-time
• Experience with MS Office software (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Publisher).
• Demonstrated abilities to problem solve and allocate resources.
• Ability to operate and maintain office equipment.
• Ability to perform basic accounting procedures.
• Ability to prioritize and operate with the customer’s experience as a top priority.
• Maintain a clean and well-groomed appearance.
• Be consistently friendly and professional with strong interpersonal skills and the ability to
communicate effectively with clients, referral partners, vendors and team members.
• Strong environment scanning skills and the ability to anticipate and resolve problems.
• Able to objectively evaluate situations and make effective decisions.


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