Ready For Your Pickup?

Here are some tips to make your pickup smooth and quick! If you’re not sure about anything just call or email us as we’re always happy to help.

You’ve scheduled your pickup and now are wondering how it works and what you need to do to get ready. Check out this informative video and read the details below:

Three days before your pickup we’ll send you an email reminder and your driver will reach out to you via SMS to ask about parking and if access involves stairs or an elevator. The day before your pickup we’ll send you another email reminder including the time you scheduled.

On your service day we’ll send you an SMS when you are the next stop giving you a precise arrival time. Then when we arrive we’ll send you an SMS with a photo of your driver.

We know you want us to quickly complete your pickup so here’s what we need you to do to make that happen:

  • #1 is to please respond to our emails and SMS asking for more details on your pickup. We need to know how big a vehicle and the number of people needed to take care of you. Parking and access can have a big impact.
  • Have all your stuff ready to go. Put it them all in an area with easy access if possible.
  • Put labels on your stuff. Write your name on all your items. If you don’t receive barcode labels in advance, no problem, our team will do it when they arrive.
  • Add optional photos, names, descriptions, and folders. It makes it way easier to find what you’re looking for redelivery.
  • Pack and seal your boxes. Tape the bottom. Remember the weight limit is 40 lbs so mix up heavy / light items. And if you weren’t able to put on labels and add photos, info, etc, beforehand write some information on the box so we can add it during the pickup.
  • If you need help we can provide a personal packer for $49/hour. They would need to come over at least one day before your scheduled pickup so your stuff is all ready to go when the driver arrives. Please call, email or send a Contact Form and when available, we’ll be happy to make the arrangements. There is a two hour minimum.
  • If you need boxes, plastic containers, bubble wrap, tape, etc. use the “Storage Supplies” link in the web and apps. We provide a map with nearby suppliers including website links showing their product selection, driving directions and contact information.
  • Secure loose items and wrap fragile items. Put them in a box, wrap and secure dishes, glasses, cutlery, books, artwork, kitchen appliances, etc.
  • Pack drawers in boxes. Make sure any dressers, nightstands, filing cabinets and other furniture with drawers are empty.  The added weight from full drawers can cause stress on furniture and damage to your items during moving.
  • No plastic / trash bags. Use duffel bags, suitcases instead.
  • Disassemble furniture and bed frames. To help your pickup and delivery go as smoothly as possible please be sure to disassemble any furniture that can be taken apart and all bedframes. Keep track of your screws and fasteners! From time to time we can help out but we ask for at least 2 business days notice for assembly or disassembly requests. Assembly or disassembly is charged at a rate of $49 per person per hour, separate from your delivery cost. We may not be able to reassemble upon delivery.
  • Roll-up electrical cords and remove light bulbs from lamps. Be sure to place table lamps and fragile lamp shades in boxes.
  • Unplug, drain and clean fridges 24 hours before pickup. 
  • Remember no food, liquids or live stuff. Check out the complete list of prohibited items here.
  • Curbside Pickups and Deliveries for Boston area Summer College Storage. Colleges require that we meet our student customers in front of their buildings. We’ll send you an SMS when you are the next stop giving you a precise arrival time and our great field teams will be happy to give you plenty of time to get your items down to the curb. Your delivery will also be curbside. Curbside Pickup and Delivery for storage over Summer college break includes off-campus housing.

Finally, relax! We make storage easy is more than a marketing slogan for us. We’ll take great care of you and your stuff.

See you soon!