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WayForth is a National Association of Senior Move Management accredited company. When the time comes to move from your home into assisted living or smaller living space, it can be quite daunting to decide what to keep and what to do with items that simply won’t fit into your new home.

Having to deal with the logistics of packing, moving, unpacking, and resettling can be extremely stressful, mentally and physically, and something that you shouldn’t have to worry about.

By choosing senior moving services and senior downsizing services with WayForth, you’ll enjoy a smoother and hassle-free transition. The services give you ample time to adjust, while our senior move managers provide support throughout the whole process.

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There are quite a few things to consider when deciding if you should DIY or hire a senior move manager to pack, move, clean, unpack, and resettle your personal belongings. You should consider a senior moving service or senior downsizing services to reduce the hassles and waiting time for a house resale.

Certified Senior Move Managers

WayForth is a National Association of Senior Move Management accredited company, which means our senior move managers are trained in safety, ethics & accountability, the moving industry, communication, aging in place, dementia & cognitive disorders, and more. 

Senior-Friendly Moving & Downsizing Tips

  • Start early – Give yourself enough time to sort through your possessions to avoid feeling overwhelmed.
  • Eliminate duplicates – You won’t need two of everything when downsizing.
  • Avoid “maybe” piles – Only form yes or no piles to avoid further confusion and stress.
  • Take the time to feel – Downsizing may cause feelings of sadness, so give yourself enough time to process emotions.
  • Ask for help – You don’t have to go through it on your own when you have the senior move managers at WayForth to ease the burden.

Senior Moving & Senior Downsizing Resources

At WayForth, we offer essential senior moving and downsizing tips, guidelines, and resources to help you transition from the life you used to know to your new beginning, whether you’re spending it in assisted living or new independent living space.

As overwhelming as it may seem, you can rest assured that your life and home contents will be in good hands during this journey.


Tips & Guidelines

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Downsizing Checklists

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Our Services

Helping Seniors MoveWayForth understands that every client is unique with different needs, which is why we offer various senior moving services and an array of senior downsizing services to accommodate potential and existing clients.

Senior Move Planning & Financing

When a home is clean and more presentable, it tends to sell at a higher value, which is exactly what you need when you’re downsizing. However, you may not have the finances available to afford professional services.

WayForth offers financing options that allow you to enlist the help of our senior move managers for a cleanout, move, resettlement, and home sale without necessarily having enough funds to do so. We can finance our services in a way that enables you to pay after your home sells.

Our team of senior move managers can also make the process easier by developing a customized floor plan before your move to ensure that you’re able to transition without hassle.

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Sorting, Packing & Moving Of Belongings

One of the biggest challenges of senior downsizing is having to declutter, sort through, wrap items and physically move them from the home into a new living space. It’s challenging on many levels and something that seniors shouldn’t have to deal with, which is where we come in.

Our team of senior move managers will help you decide which items you’d like to keep, pack them up, from the tiniest toothbrush to the biggest piece of furniture, and move them for you from your current home to your new residence.

The WayForth senior moving services and senior downsizing services are specifically designed to facilitate a stress-free transition.

More About House & Estate Cleanout

Resettling The Owner At Their New Home (Unpacking)

Senior Living CommunityThe next stage of moving and downsizing is unpacking your belongings and settling into your new environment without feeling overwhelmed. At WayForth, we have dedicated teams trained to handle our clients and their personal belongings with care and compassion.

We will ensure that each item is placed in your new home exactly according to your specifications to minimize the stress and hassles involved with moving or downsizing.

If you need your clothes unpacked and stored neatly in drawers or your electronics hooked up ready for use, our senior moving services or senior downsizing services are on hand.

Selling, Donating Or Discarding The Estate Sale Belongings

When downsizing, you’re essentially left with items in your home that you simply can’t take with you. Our job is to help you sell, donate, or recycle any belongings that otherwise will be left in the house.

As daunting as it may sound, we make it look simple, reassuring you every step of the way and offering comfort when necessary. We provide a professional service, but we have the ability to enhance it with a personal, compassionate touch.

Cleaning & Prepping The Estate For Sale

garage-cleanup-5-e1513611631929-1Ensuring that a house is prepped and ready to be loved by a new owner is our top priority. Another primary goal is to sell your home quickly so it doesn’t become your administrative headache.

Through our many relationships with auctioneers and real estate professionals, we’re able to give guidance and advice related to home sales, making the transitional period less confusing.

Whether you need a simple clean out, a more extensive clean up, or necessary prepping in order to present your home in the best light, we’ll be there to do it all for you.

Home Relocation & Downsizing Assistance For Seniors

While moving or downsizing the contents of your life can be a difficult and stressful endeavor, you can rest assured that you don’t have to go through it alone.

When you choose WayForth, our team of senior move managers will guide you from start to finish, from helping you choose which items you’d like to keep to unpacking boxes in your new home.

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Service Areas

WayForth proudly serves families across the country who are looking for help with an estate liquidation in any of the following regions:

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What Our Clients Have To Say

WayForth helped me move from a home with 30 years of accumulated stuff. With one service they helped me dispose of everything no longer needed in my new home and moved my needed items into PODS. When the time came to move into my new home they were there to help unload the PODS. WayForth helped coordinate and plan the entire move. They were professional, courteous and efficient. They were always cheerful and accommodating to my needs. I would use them again and again but hopefully, I won’t be moving again anytime soon.
Laura B.
I am very impressed with the professionalism, kindness, caring, supportive and hardworking the entire team has been. Each member of the crew that helped took the time to make sure I felt their kindness and support throughout the process. Even when something was going to be disposed of they treated it with respect. At the end of the work, I felt I had been with friends not just some company. Strong team. I highly recommend them.
Donald R.
Erin and team moved my father-in-law from DE to VA. The team demonstrated lots of care and understanding. Great job.
Jim W.
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