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The seaside city of Kirkland, Washington has been a beautiful addition to the state since 1886 when Peter Kirk realized his idea of founding a city. In the whole state, Kirkland weighs in at the 12th largest and takes 6th place in King County. The ideal location right on the water makes it a popular place for tourists and residents of Washington to enjoy the sights and experience all that Washington can offer.

An American Dream story is what comprises the history of Kirkland. A British man by the name of Peter Kirk had a dream when he found the beautiful area against the water to establish his family’s steel production company. With the help from the Seattle Post-Intelligencer’s owner Leigh S.J. Hunt, Kirk managed to bring his vision to life. Both men left their legacy in the country, and what was once a humble steel mill town has grown and blossomed into the beautiful, exciting city that it is now today.

The Kirkland signature brand is one that is familiar in many homes around the country. The popular multi-product line brand is Cosco’s private label and covers hundreds of products. In 1992, Kirkland’s Costco headquarters released the brand, using the cities name for the inspiration behind the label. Now it has grown to be one of the most loved brands by customers, and though the headquarters have since left Kirkland, the city plays a big part in the success of the company. However, this is only one part of many things that set Kirkland above and beyond the rest of the state and makes it a favorite destination.

The small town setting that offers all the experiences of a big city is what makes Kirkland truly a gem. A few big names have gone on to find success past their Kirkland roots, such as the famous Seattle Seahawks team member, Ryan Hall, musician Layne Staley, and Michael O’Hearn. It’s not surprising the city has produced some of its own homegrown big names since in 2014, Kirkland was awarded for being the 5th Best Place to Live in the USA.