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Door To Door Solutions, A WayForth Company

Door To Door Solutions, A WayForth CompanyDoor To Door Solutions of Richmond, VA has recently joined the WayForth family of senior relocation and home cleanout experts. This partnership enables our company to offer more services and support to clients and communities—both in your neighborhood and nationwide.

The Door to Door Story

From room to room and door to door, we've got all the right moves!

When Door to Door Solutions began operating in Richmond in 2004 they were one of the few businesses focused on helping seniors move in Central Virginia. The services carried out by senior move managers were highly sought after, yet the name and industry were in their humble beginnings. Door to Door Solutions’ dedication to making the individual experience of moving seamless (and even exciting!) has shaped the senior move industry.

Door to Door Solutions Founder   Katie Hanman of Door To Door Solutions - D2D solutions in Richmond, Virginia

Katie Hamann

Katie is one of 3 original founders of Door to Door Solutions. She loves: creativity, helping people, and working. As the daughter of a banker and a teacher who started with few possessions but lots of ambition, Katie's parents taught her to take pride in her work, serve others well, don’t spend money you don’t have, recycle everything, and to be independent. She founded Door to Door Solutions in 2004, which means she has 15 years of experience in helping older adults through life-altering transitions under her belt. Her favorite words to hear are, “This feels like home!” When she’s not helping her clients, Katie indulges in quality time with her neighbors, family, and friends, usually over a glass of wine and delicious meal.

Memberships & Awards:

  • NAWBO Rising Star award in 2006
  • Philanthropic Committee of the National Association of Senior Move Managers
  • Former Director of the Board of the National Association of Senior Move Managers
  • Leadership Board of the Alzheimer’s Association of Greater Richmond
  • Former President, Vice President of the Alzheimer’s Association of Greater Richmond

Where We’ve Gone and Where We’re Headed

Since our start in 2004, we’ve completed upward of 13,000 relocations and have become a trusted senior relocation company in Central Virginia. Whether moving down the hall, across campus or from one side of town to another, we’ve developed ways to assist our clients with practically every need.

WayForth recognized Door to Door Solutions’ operational excellence and extended the invitation to join the WayForth family. Door to Door founder Katie Hamann was thrilled to partner with WayForth: “Their dedication and resources, combined with our passion and 15-year history of excellence and experience in senior relocation services, will ensure we continue to meet and exceed the growing needs of our clients both in Richmond and beyond.”

The Door to Door Difference 


Our D2D Move Managers can create a space plan to demonstrate how belongings will fit in your new space. This way, you’ll be able to determine what you’d like to bring with you, visualize your new home and start to look forward to moving somewhere new.

We strive to nail down every detail in the planning process to minimize disruptions to your daily life and have you back to your routine before you know it. 

Making Your New House a Home

When we move clients, we carefully pack, load, move and unpack belongings to help them settle in quickly. This means arranging every new space so that when clients walk in, it looks familiar and like they’ve been there for years. With your direction, we can unpack everything or leave some boxes for you to do yourself.

Community Expertise

We make it our business to know the communities we move our clients into incredibly well—so we can streamline the process and help them settle in easily. These communities also turn to D2D Solutions when they need their residents moved due to expansions, renovations and hardships. It’s this partnership that allows Door to Door to be relied on as a dependable service for clients today and down the road.

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