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ChaosToCalmChaos to Calm of Charlotte, NC has joined the WayForth family of professional move managers and home clearout experts. This partnership enables our company to offer more services and support to clients and communities, both in your neighborhood and nationwide.

The Chaos to Calm Story

Calmly Making Life’s Transitions Easier

Founded by Lori Fike in 2013, Chaos to Calm was born after Lori left her corporate job to pursue what she refers to as a calling.

She was a working mom and an out-of-state adult child, helping her mother with dementia move several times as her health needs changed. She realized she wanted to care for others trudging through this same experience, and in looking for a professional opportunity, she discovered the senior move management industry.

Lori’s vision was to create a company that supported individuals and their families by making their life transitions easier.

Chaos to Calm’s dedication to removing the burdens associated with a move is our first priority in crafting exceptional customer experiences, customized service offerings, and extensive DIY resources to help everyone manage life’s major transitions.

We are senior and hoarding certified and members of the National Association of Senior Move Managers (NASMM), the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO), and BBB A+ rated.

Supporting Realtors Since 2013

house that needs declutteringWe recognize that clients look to their realtors as the solution to all their needs, but realtors don’t always have the time or expertise to offer “stuff management” support. At Chaos to Calm, we are trained and certified professionals focused on making relocations easier and smoother for clients. With services that range from decluttering and downsizing, packing, unpacking and complete resettling, we offer a single source of help for clients tackling the massive “To-Do” list moving creates.

We are on hand to help your client emotionally, physically and logistically throughout the entire moving process. And the icing on the cake is that our service fees are paid by the client and not out of your commissions.

Here are five ways we can help you create a better client experience:

1) Time Is Money

Focused on getting the house ready to be listed efficiently and quickly, we have proven processes, trained staff, and the resources to get a house decluttered, cleaned up, cleaned out and staged in days. Faster to market equals faster to sell.

2) We Specialize in "Stuff"

Organized homes command higher prices, so paring down and straightening up can directly impact the sale price of a home. Your CTC team will efficiently, yet compassionately, work with clients to cut back on the extras so homes are minimal.

3) We Do the Dirty Spaces

5-steps-clean-out-house-after-death-1Buyers want plenty of storage space. Cramped closets, creepy basements, junked up garages, and overflowing attics don’t help when you’re looking to show off a home’s storage capacity. By clearing out and organizing these areas storage spaces show as clean, spacious and plentiful. A beautiful thing for buyers who have a plethora of their own stuff!

4) Staging Magic

Research consistently shows that staged homes sell faster. Our designing divas know how to create a warm and inviting home that potential buyers can easily envision living in. From depersonalizing and decluttering to furniture and décor placement, they can create miracles.

5) We Specialize in Holding Hands

Move Managers are people that clients lean on. A large portion of our training and time is spent focusing on assisting clients with the emotional aspects of moving. As a steady, encouraging force throughout the move process, you can count on us to help keep your clients focused on the end result, moving forward and headed in the right direction.

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