The holidays may be winding down, but the work isn’t over. As the newly-opened gifts and Christmas decorations begin to crowd your living space, it’s time to figure out what to do with your holiday embellishments, especially your tree! Buddy the Elf, The Grinch and Modern Family give us some post-holiday cleanup tips.

The Smackdown by Buddy the Elf

See how our lovable elf, Buddy, take down a tree in one smackdown hit! Caution: be sure to wear an elf hat specially-designed to prevent potential head injuries.

Suck-it-up by The Grinch

Steal this post-holiday cleanup tip from The Grinch! If you need help with the mess, this grumpy, anti-Christmas icon is more than willing to help. Make sure you tell him to suck it all up – except the presents!

The Drag by Phil of Modern Family

Okay, this may require some strength (and probably some naughty little ones!) to pull up, but nothing could stop a frustrated Phil to take down a tree single-handedly. Really effective, we must say, but make sure to have someone do The Drag instead if you have a taller, bigger trees. Or maybe just give the Grinch a call.


So which one is your favorite? If you are still unsure and would want to have your trees and decorations in mint condition till next Christmas, let us know and we might be of help.

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