Today, we have more options than ever when it comes to storage. Whether you’re looking to store your belongings for a few days or indefinitely, we’re no longer limited to simply finding the closest self-storage facility and settling for whatever they’re willing to offer.

The storage industry has finally upgraded from outdated self-storage options, and now offers a number of ultra-convenient, secure, and affordable on-demand storage choices at our fingertips.

New services inevitably mean more convenience for you, but they also raise a lot of questions. Are storage companies that pickup and deliver really better than traditional self-storage? Maybe it’s more convenient, but how does on-demand storage compare in terms of price, security, professionalism, etc.? Do I even really need on-demand service?

Also, what exactly classifies as on-demand storage in the first place?

We promise, in this post we’ll answer all these questions and more and compare full service on-demand storage against conventional self-storage, but first let’s answer the main one, what even is on-demand storage?

What is On-Demand Storage?

On-demand storage – also called full service or valet storage – is the updated version of conventional self storage and unlike its predecessor, on-demand storage does all the packing, lifting, transporting, storing and redelivery – leaving you to do basically… nothing. On a website or app, request a quote, book a time that works for you, and then the on-demand storage team will take care of the rest.

On the pickup date you’ve scheduled, a storage team will inventory, electronically label, and move all of your stuff into a van or truck. Then they’ll transport and carefully store it inside a secure, climate-controlled facility that’s monitored around the clock. When you want everything (or just some things) back, schedule a time and voila! Your stuff will be delivered safe and sound right to your door.

On-demand storage began when companies like Wayforth saw other industries catching on to today’s user-centered tech-forward market and thought “Why not storage?”After all, what’s more of a pain than packing up all of your stuff, renting a vehicle, hauling your belongings to the storage facility, and then doing the whole thing in reverse when you want it all back?

On-demand storage is basically combines all the best parts of your most used apps – the pickup function of Uber and the Lyft, the delivery appeal of Postmates and Grubhub, and the one-stop convenience of Amazon Prime – on your schedule and for your items. Wayforth is pretty much the storage equivalent of these “make your life easier” apps and sites, which is why more and more people are switching to on-demand storage.

By utilizing top-notch technology, streamlined logistics, and a team of moving and packing experts, on-demand storage has made it easier – and more affordable – to store your things. From a small baseball card collection, to summer dorm room storage, to enough furniture to fill a mansion, say goodbye to the hassles of self-storage and enjoy a better way to store your stuff.

Why Is On-Demand Better Than Self-Storage?

For the same reasons that Uber is better than traditional taxi services and delivery is better than takeout – because on-demand storage takes care of all annoying tasks you don’t want to and does so in a way that fits your schedule and can be organized at your fingertips.

Companies like PODS first popularized the idea of on-demand storage. Essentially bringing the entire storage unit to you, this was the first real step in keeping customers from actually having to set foot in a storage facility—and they loved it! But, we decided to ask why stop there?

With PODS, customers still have to do all the moving and packing into the unit themselves. They also have to find a space large enough for the giant storage box to be placed. And, with only a few sizes to choose from, customers often have to rent a bigger space than they actually need. This only leads to wasted space and wasted money.

That’s why Wayforth, along with other on-demand storage companies, decided to make on-demand storage even better. By integrating fantastic service with modern convenience, we created a more versatile, simple storage solution.

Here’s how Wayforth, in particular, does storage right:

  • Offers full service storage at your fingertips
  • Takes care of transportation
  • Guarantees safety of items and owners
  • Keeps location costs down
  • Competitive pricing based on what you use
  • Optimum contract-free flexibility
  • Does all the heavy-lifting for you

Offering Full Service Storage at Your Fingertips

Every step of the on-demand storage process can be controlled from your smartphone using our user-friendly app. From requesting an estimate to booking a pickup time, to tracking your stuff, and then having it all redelivered, do almost all the “work” without having to leave your desk or couch. On-demand full service storage is at your fingertips, which means you can put your boxes down and feet up!

full service storage fingertips laptop

On-demand storage at Wayforth is designed, at every step of the way, to make your life easier. That’s why we offer a wide range of pickup and delivery times to fit your schedule, and a packing service which saves you the hassle of figuring out where to buy packing peanuts and boxes.

And, if you realize you want an item back you can just request a delivery of that specific item, and view your digital inventory if you’ve forgotten what exactly you chose to store and in which box. Find out your mother-in-law is coming for Christmas last minute? Better get that tacky Santa collection she gave you out of storage after-all!

Taking Care of Transportation

It can be tricky to track down a vehicle large enough to haul your stuff to storage. That either means bugging a friend for a favor, or hiring a truck and/or moving crew to transport everything. At best, this means a headache for your buddy. At worst, another bill to pay on top of everything else.

With on-demand storage, transportation’s covered. Whatever size vehicle you need, we’ll come by your place and transport your belongings to storage. Whenever you’re ready to get your stuff back, schedule a pickup time and we’ll drop it off right at your door. 

In case you’re wondering, this also means you won’t have to be that guy taking 10 minutes trying to parallel park a U-Haul on a busy street, or circling the block six times during rush hour to try and find a spot to park while you pack your items into the trunk. On-demand storage is full service because we take care of everything so that you can take care of anything.

Guaranteeing Safety for Your Items and You

What’s creepier than being alone in a dimly lit, cavernous, eerily quiet self-storage facility? Being alone in a dimly lit, cavernous, eerily quiet self-storage facility—and then hearing a loud noise! I mean, it was probably just a mouse, but like any sane person, you’re still going to get out of there ASAP. Also, who wants mice running around anyway? Gross.

Since we’ll be the ones placing everything in storage for you, navigating those maze-like self-storage facilities—and all of the related nightmares—will thankfully be a thing left far in the past. This also means that unlike old-fashioned self storage options, the only people that will be around your stored items are the trusted members of our Wayforth team.

safety items on-demand storage

Because think about it, you might be totally normal and storing harmless things in your self storage unit, but who’s to say that the rest of the people in the facility are quite so above board? Our take is, limit the number of strangers loitering around your stored stuff to just those people whose job it is to do just that.

Keeping Location Costs Low 

Sky-high rent is one reason why conventional self-storage rates remain so expensive. For customer convenience, self-storage facilities want to be close to where most people live, which often means expensive city centers. But since we’re the ones driving anyway, we don’t mind a little bit of distance if it means offering you a better price.

On-demand storage transports your stuff to secured spaces outside those population centers, and we pass those extra savings onto you. Remember, though your belongings might be farther away, you can check on them anytime using our app for extra peace-of-mind.

Pricing is Based on What You Need

Overall, expect to pay about 15% less than what you would with self-storage. But how?! Not only do we save money by ditching the expenses of a larger facility in the city center, but our customers will also pay NO sales tax! That alone cuts about 10% off of self-storage pricing.

Also, we save tons of space by charging and storing by the object, not the storage unit. This significantly cuts downs on overhead costs and we pass those savings onto you.

Optimum Contract-Free Flexibility 

We at Wayforth know that most traditional self-storage companies expect long term commitment even though they routinely hike up rental costs throughout your contract.  That’s why almost every plan we offer is contract free. Store your stuff for as short or long as needed without worrying about breaking a contract and paying an extra fee.

With on-demand storage, you can expect the utmost in storage size flexibility. No longer are you limited to whatever units your local self-storage has available and at whatever prices they decide are required. If you just want to store a chair, we’ll charge you for just the chair—not the chair and all that extra, empty storage unit space.

Doing the Heavy-Lifting So You Don’t Have To

With on-demand storage, save your back and your bank account. For about 15% less than self-storage, have an expert crew of movers haul your belongings into the vehicle and off to storage. Why lift a finger when you can pay less and get more out of your storage service?

Let’s break down these differences even more. Though a few self-storage companies are beginning to upgrade with the perks popularized by on-demand storage, the vast majority still employ the same business model used for decades.

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Is On-Demand Storage Right For Me?

We might be biased, but if you’re looking for convenience, security, and affordability, we truly think on-demand storage is the best option available today, no matter how big or small your storage needs.

That being said, on-demand storage really is uniquely perfect for small, short-term or temporary storage needs like:

  • Collections (Beanie babies, baseball cards, stamps, books, LEGOS, etc.)
  • Storage for holiday decorations
  • Seasonal storage for clothing and sports equipment
  • Student dorm or apartment storage during long breaks
  • A safe place for your belongings in the middle of a move
  • Baby clothes and toys because who knows
  • Family heirlooms or other precious items (Photographs, diplomas, birth certificates, etc.)

on-demand storage collections short term

Avoid getting stuck with an unnecessarily large unit because it’s all self-storage has available. Skip signing a long-term lease on a storage space when you only need it for a month. On-demand storage simply provides the most flexibility and an unbeatable value, check out our Pricing to see how much you can save by upgrading to on-demand storage with Wayforth!