Marie Kondo is the critically acclaimed author of The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up which explores and explains the KonMari method of decluttering your home and taking control of your life. Her popularity exploded alongside the growing trend of minimalist design also popularized by Kinfolk magazine and numerous food, design and architecture blogs. Marie Kondo even has a brand new Netflix special chronicling the life-changing impact she has on households struggling to tidy up.

Marie Kondo teaches us to transform the way we relate to our possessions and objects in our homes, and the people in our lives. The central question Marie Kondo teaches followers of the KonMari method to ask is “Does it spark joy?” Meaning, does the object or person bring you joy. If it doesn’t you don’t need it in your life or home.

If you want to know more about Marie Kondo read on!

Who is Marie Kondo?

Marie Kondo is a Japanese organizing consultant and entrepreneur who created the hugely popular KonMari method. Kondo introduced the revolutionary decluttering method in 2011 with her seminal book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing. The boo details how and why you can declutter not only your home but also your life and relationships.

Marie Kondo traces the creation of her transformative tidying up method to the realization that decluttering isn’t about determining what you can throw away and get rid of. Rather, Kondo explains, the art of decluttering and organizing is in figuring out which items make you happy. That is to say, what sparks joy when you hold it or think of it.

With this simple but revolutionary breakthrough, Marie Kondo became a household name not just in Japan but across the globe. In 2015 Time Magazine named her among the year’s 100 most influential people and a 2014 New York Times profile on Kondo describes her as something of a “Zen Nanny”.

What is Marie Kondo Really Like?

Marie Kondo has been incredibly successful as businesswoman and entrepreneur. She’s tackled markets worldwide and is pretty much a household name. In writing The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up, Kondo made the ephemeral basics of a Japanese lifestyle into something concrete and tangible.

But, what’s Marie Kondo really like? She’s a wife and mother in addition to her business achievements. And, because of her worldwide fame, she’s something of a TV personality.

Is Marie Kondo a Celebrity?

That’s a fair question! Not only is Marie Kondo an organization guru, she’s a celebrity favorite! She’s been on tons of talk shows and had plenty of interviews. From Vogue to Ellen to Kristen Bell, Marie Kondo is a bona fide celeb!

Check out this hilarious video of Marie Kondo on Ellen Degeneres’ talk show! In the video, Kondo explains her introduction to decluttering and her career path. She also helps Ellen and actress Ellie Kemper learn to fold like Marie Kondo.

Looking for an Amazing Marie Kondo Before and After?

You’ve come to the right place! Ellen Degeneres are Ellie Kemper aren’t the only celebrities that Marie Kondo is friendly with! In the video below Kondo helps actress Kristen Bell learn the KonMari method. The two also help an expecting mother apply KonMari to her cluttered closet! Check out the video for a stunning Marie Kondo before and after. You’ll also learn some KonMari tips from the guru herself!

What is KonMari?

Marie Kondo created the KonMari method as the the organization and decluttering system in The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying-Up. It details how to apply Kondo’s philosophies to your life and home. Check out our Ultimate KonMari Guide and Checklist for details on using KonMari. Also download our free Kon Mari Checklist to help you declutter like Marie Kondo.

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Marie Kondo for Your Clothes

The methods Marie Kondo developed can be applied in a variety of contexts. Perhaps none more so than decluttering and organizing clothing. Marie Kondo methods for folding clothes, hanging them, generally organizing them and actually going through them in a decluttering process are all popular for good reason. They work.

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The KonMari philosophy of asking of each item or person in your life “does it spark joy?” continues Marie Kondo’s epiphany mentioned above. Simply, Kondo puts the emphasis on the positive in teaching that decluttering is about figuring out what things make you happy, not about what you don’t like and want to get rid of.

Once you understand what brings you joy, you can let the rest go. By decluttering your life and your home you can live more fulfilled and experience more joy and peace. Sound good? Let’s get going!

How to Organize Clothes like Marie Kondo

Kondo is not an advocate for throwing away all of your most prized possessions in an attempt at minimalist design. Rather, the KonMari method is designed around foregrounding your favorite objects in your home. This method necessitates getting rid of those things that don’t spark joy so you can focus on what does.

Important: According to Kondo, you shouldn’t feel police yourself when it comes to realizing which items do or don’t spark joy when you hold them. Don’t let the expectations of others sway your own valuation of your possessions. This teaching is sometimes referred to as the as the Marie Kondo Kiccori shirt tip.

Marie Kondo for Your Life

Marie Kondo can be applied to your relationships much as it has been used for your home and your clothing. Does the person bring you joy? Does the relationship bring you joy? If it doesn’t, seriously consider reevaluating why you have that person in your life.

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Of course, how we relate to people and relationships is far more complicated than the way we feel about objects. Duh. However, you can integrate Kondo’s teachings into your interactions with people in your life. They can also influence your decision to maintain or forgo certain relationships.

Declutter, But Don’t Discard

Marie Kondo techniques for decluttering using the KonMari organization system shouldn’t generate much waste. You can donate many of your items, or consider storage options.

Do you have furniture or clothing that is too big for your current living space? If you do, it’s most likely not bringing you joy at the moment. Rather, it’s probably just bringing you headaches. But whos to say it won’t make you incredibly joyful once you get a bigger space in the future?

There’s wisdom in not completely getting rid of those items you don’t need right now. In reality, things change and circumstances evolve. Having Wayforth full service on-demand storage in mind when decluttering your home using KonMari methods is the perfect way to organize your life without messing with your future!

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