Whether you are moving to a retirement community yourself, or relocating an aging or elderly family member to a nursing home or assisted living community, it is never too early to start sorting and downsizing to prepare for your move.

Here are some of our favorite moving tips:

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1. Start with sorting and organizing closets and file cabinets, attics, and basements.

2. Prepare for your downsize bit by bit. Begin to think about items that you would like to take to your new home, and start putting some things not in everyday use in boxes.

3. In preparation for your move, start distributing things to family and friends including family mementos, photos and books. Save only those keepsakes that mean the most to you. Don’t ever throw away something that has special memories, is valuable or a family heirloom.

4. Dispose of anything that is not fixable, not wearable, out of date, or just taking up space.

5. Remember that the more items you discard before the move the less your moving bill will cost.

6. Begin to use up canned and frozen foods; you don’t want to have to pack and unpack these items.

7. Have draperies, rugs, and other linens cleaned before the move.

8. Set a move date for when you relocate.

9. Develop a customized floor plan with your move manager.

10. Organize all medication, go through medicine cabinet and throw out anything that is expired. (Remember to take medications with you the day of the move).

11. Arrange for overnight accommodations if needed the night of the move.

12. Ask for assistance! Let your full-service move manager help you with sorting, packing, unpacking and overseeing the movers.

13. Take a deep breath and relax…have a nice lunch with friends and family.

14. Arrive at your new home the next afternoon to find everything in place….boxes all unpacked, trash discarded, beds made, pictures hung, and everything on your bedside table just as you had left it the day before!