If you live in a tiny apartment, space-saving furniture is not just trendy – it’s necessary. But the great thing about living in small spaces these days is that you don’t need to compromise on style to gain optimum functionality from your furniture. Space-saving furniture design has come a long way!

We collected 12 out of this world space-saving furniture ideas for tiny apartments, but this stuff is so cool anyone will want to use it!

What is Space-Saving Furniture?

There are few different kinds of space-saving furniture ideas to explore. Some crazy cool inventions you’ve probably seen online. You know, those ones that almost look like magic tricks? Here’s an example:

Others are likewise, very innovative, but are also incredibly functional. Some space saving furniture ideas are about optimizing whatever space you have. In other words, space saving furniture is great whether you live in a tiny apartment or not. Space-Saving furniture is also sometimes called multipurpose furniture, multifunction furniture, or transformable furniture. But these titles all refer to basically the same idea!

Leaders in Space-Saving furniture development, Expand Furniture explain that these innovations are designed to make “you feel like you have more room, even if you don’t”. Sound good? We think so too!

Let’s dive into these 12 Ingenious Space-Saving Furniture Ideas so you can maximize your space!

1. Lift Bed

Much like its cousin, the humble trundle bed, the lift bed offers space maximizing storage no matter your home’s size. Unlike the trundle style, the lift bed is, well, lifted, to create ample storage.

This option Prime Classic Design shows how seamlessly you can add more storage to your bedroom, without compromising on design.

space-saving furniture ideas

There’s also this cool Italian version, though we aren’t really sure what makes it Italian. Anyway, it’s a great idea and another take on the traditional lift bed!

2. Drop Leaf Table

This one is a bit of classic, but it’s also a great space-saving furniture idea that anyone can get behind. The drop leaf table is less “multipurpose” than it is transformable. The simple idea is that you can either have a leaf of the table up or not drop it down.

The one below is from Ikea, which has tons of other great and generally inexpensive space-saving furniture ideas!

space saving furniture

This is a great idea if your everyday household comprises only 1-2 people but you entertain frequently. You can add tons of dining space by propping up one or two leaves depending on the size of the table. On the other hand, you can add living space by dropping a leaf down for everyday stuff.

3. Extending Tables

The extending or expanding table is a take on the previous classic. By adding a bit more ingenuity to the OG drop leaf, the extendable table is a modern twist. Basically, you’ve got to see it to believe it! But really, this is a fantastic space-saving furniture idea that looks super chic.

The extending table pictured below can be found at Expand Furniture. It’s a bit pricey, but for the style and functionality it offers, well worth the investment.

space-saving furniture ideasspace-saving furniture

Extending tables generally work by inserting another piece of material in between the two extended halves. The table is thus elongated and can seat far more people in seconds.

4. Transformable Coffee Table

This is where we really get into the futuristic space-saving furniture. If you live in a tiny apartment, small condo, or just a want to have some really cool pieces in your place – this is for you. Transformable coffee tables morph from the living room classic into dining tables in seconds! Here’s an example of one, but there are many cool ones out there!

5. Folding Tables

This is definitely not your mother’s folding table. To be fair, the classic has stuck around for a reason. However, with innovations in design and technology, there are some pretty great upgrades you should know about. First of all, the latest folding tables also double as storage spaces! The one in the video below is great because you can store bulky items within it’s extra cavities. Pretty cool!

6. Magical Bookshelf

This isn’t actually called the magical bookshelf but it should be!

space-saving furniture ideas

It’s really called the “As If From Nowhere” and is designed by Orla Reynolds. Wondering what the big reveal is?

space saving furniture ideas

BAM! Bet you didn’t see that one coming! Or, if you did see it coming, well done. It was a big surprise over here!

7. Nesting Tables

When it comes to space-saving furniture ideas, we know that nesting tables don’t exactly reinvent the wheel. However, if you haven’t perused the models currently offered, you’re in for a treat. The extreme functionality of the nesting table design has been recognized for decades. But in recent years, they’ve become a little something extra.

space saving furniture ideas

You can find the above pictured beauty at West Elm, which has plenty of other ingenious space-saving furniture ideas to scroll through.

8. Hidden Seats

Coffee tables are great, no question there. But you know what’s better than a regular old coffee table? A coffee table that also has a bunch of hidden seating! What’s great about the one pictured below is that the hidden seats can double as ottomans. Because the seats are cushioned, you can solve that age old gripe of loungers everywhere – where to rest your feet!

This space-saving idea is genius for group TV binges, watching sports, or just making sure everyone is super comfortable. When it comes to tiny apartment living, any furniture item that doubles as something else is a godsend! Check out the one below here and get to relaxing!

furniture ideas tiny apartment

9. Space-Saving Entryway Ideas

One of the most crowded areas in anyone home – whether a tiny apartment or not – is the entryway. This space also tends to be the traffic-heavy area and can get really cluttered fast. There are plenty of space-saving furniture ideas for entryways that can really help to maximize space and minimize clutter.

One of our favorites is pictured below and can be found here. Space-saving entryway organizing systems look great and are incredibly functional. Rather than adding unnecessary obstacles to a busy area, they streamline your items and look great doing it.

space saving furniture idea

Entryway organization is specific to every household. Some need more space for shoes and coats. Other entryways are primarily for mail, keys, and dog-leashes. Whatever your space-saving entryway needs, you’ll be sure to find an organization system to meet them!

10. Headboard Storage

Looking for space-saving furniture ideas for bedrooms? You’re not alone! Bedrooms are great places to add additional storage without taking up lots of much-needed space. Not only can the space under your bed be transformed into a storage area, so can your headboard.

That’s right! Books, magazines, knick-knacks or whatever else you have lying around in your room can be stored in your headboard! You can get the amazing bedroom storage system below from Ikea.

space-saving furniture

11. Space-Saving Kitchen Island

Depending on what you’re looking for, there are plenty of space-saving kitchen ideas you might like. If you’re completely renovating your kitchen, check out this amazing find! Below is a gorgeously designed kitchen island with a hidden bench seat. This allows a sleek and open kitchen design with ample seating.

space-saving furniture

12. Disappearing Kitty Litter

This is a space-saving furniture idea that everyone will appreciate. If you have a cat, you probably also have a litter box. Litter boxes are, beyond question, the worst part about having cats as pets. Other than the obvious, one of the worst things about them are how ugly they are. There’s no “good place” to store a cat litter box. If you think there is, you’re lying to yourself.

Check out this ingenious invention that not only saves space but hides everyone’s least favorite cat accessory.

space saving furniture idea


Bonus Space-Saving Furniture Idea – Use Wayforth

We’ve learned that any piece of furniture can be made multifunctional. We’ve also concluded that if an item of furniture doesn’t do 3 things at once, it’s pretty basic. Just saying. Of course, not everyone has the budget for implementing all these cool space-saving furniture ideas. At the same time, we could all use a little more space in our homes and tiny apartments.

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